About Us

Wow is inspired by all levels of emotion from surprise, curiosity to admiration.
Saigon is the main center, a famous city, the beloved name of Vietnamese people who dedicate their heart to Saigon.
In the Art field, the connection between SAIGON and WOW is the combination of traditional art and modern art. It is not only bringing surprising emotions but also bringing the curiosity to the admiration to take Saigonwow for our spirit for a new step in the field of art. With the heart living for the art and wanting to bring the quintessence to future generations. We are determined to work together to support the spirit of art to fly higher and further…

Saigonwow Info

  • Company Name:                             SAIGONWOW 
  • Address:                                            86 Street 11 KDC Cityland Park Hills, Ward 10,
                                                               Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Established:     December 2019     Saigonwow Entertainment co.,Ltd 


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